Weddings at   ALL SAINTS

 Lovely Modern Church with seating for about 200

Your Wedding ...
Firstly may I congratulate you and your fiancé on your plans to marry.  This is a very special time for both of you and I hope this page may help you in your plans for your special day.
The following information may help you to decide whether All Saints will be a suitable venue for your Wedding Service.  Some of the requirements below are Government regulations, some are Anglican Church of Australia requirements and some are local from the Parish of All Saints.

   1.   Both persons must be  at least 18 years of age.  (You must present an original birth certificate AND Photo ID.)

2.   At least one person must have been Baptized (Christened).   We provide a short preparation course for those who would like to be Baptized prior to their wedding.
  3.   If either or both persons have been married before, the prior marriages must have been legally terminated and the original legal documents or death certificates must be  presented.   In the case of a person seeking marriage after divorce an interview with the priest is required before any wedding plans can be arranged.  The Priest must have the Bishop's written permission to proceed with the wedding in such cases.

   4.   There is a short marriage preparation course for couples who are marrying for the first time and also for couples marrying after divorce.  This is an excellent and enjoyable course, led by a licensed counsellor, which will help a couple build stronger communication and relationship skills.  The cost is covered under the overall fee.

 5.   Music at the service should be sacred music.  However, other music may be approved if deemed appropriate by the Priest for a service in Church.
 6.   Readings for the service must be from the Holy Bible.

7.    The cost of the Service is $600.00 and must be paid (& cheques cleared) prior to the wedding day, this includes the Priest, Organist, Church, marriage preparation course, and the use of the existing silk flowers.  Fresh Flowers and Pew decorations (although the church does have a few available for use for free) are not included and need to be provided by the couple if required.  (The existing silk flowers in the church may be used - various colour arrangements are available .)

   8.    The Parish Hall may be available for hire on some occasions.  There is a separate cost for this.

   9.    Our Church seats 200 people and there is ample parking in the various side streets around the church with parking for three or four Bridal Party cars in the church grounds.  Please inform guests that the area above (south) of the main entrance is a "NO STOPPING" zone, Please do NOT park in this area. NB  Stretch Limousines have difficulty accessing the church parking.  It is up to the Bridal party to keep the parking available in front of the church for Limo use. 

​​​​​​​10.    We also can have a CD with a selection of Bells being rung, which can be played both before & after the service (no extra cost).

         My best wishes go with you as you plan for your wedding. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the Parish office (43322374) if I can be of any assistance.

                                                                               Yours in His service,

                                                                                Fr. Stephen Powter.
                                                                                Parish Priest