Funerals at All Saints

 Thank you for your enquiry about a funeral at All Saints. May I begin by expressing my sympathies to you at this time of loss. A Christian funeral can be a source of great comfort to the bereaved as the Christian faith holds out great hope for us all in the face of Death.  
Here are a few points that you might help you if you are considering All Saints as a venue for a Service:

*  The church has seating for about 200 with ample parking in the various side streets, do not park on the upper side of the entrance it is a "No Stopping" zone.

*  We provide a standard order of Service for the day.  If you require a personalised one this needs to be arranged with your Funeral Director.
*  Music for the day should be sacred music or Hymns. Other music may be permitted if it is suitable for use in a Church Service.
*  A member of the Parish Clergy would meet with you well in advance of the funeral to make arrangements for the day.
*  Family members and friends are welcome to speak at the service or to take part in the readings or prayers.
*  We have a fixed overhead screen for DVD presentations etc. but you will need to provide your own computer, data projector & stands.
*  If you require the use of the Parish hall for refreshments there is a small additional cost.
*  The fee for the Church and Clergy is set by the Funeral Director and is included in their costs.
​​​​​​​*  The Parish will provide an organist for the day on request.  The organist costs are an additional $100 and the Parish Hall if required would be extra as would any flowers.   Fees for  both funeral & organist are to be paid through the Funeral Director although further donations may be made to the Parish directly. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the Parish office on 43322374 if we can be of any further help. May God bless you during this time of grief.
                                     Yours in His service,

                                                  Rev'd Stephen Powter
                                                  Parish Priest.